The Merlot Canvas

Booking and General Information

Before you book a party please choose the painting you'd like your group to reproduce. (Most painting options are $35 per person, some are $45. Click on the "Gallery" link to see available paintings.) Custom paintings can be created if we are given 2 weeks notice, all custom made paintings are $45. 

Next choose the date and time you'd like to book your party. (Check our calendar to make sure your date/time is available.)
When you have selected your painting and party date. Please email or message us to begin the booking process. 

When your email has been received, your party will be added to the calendar. Once added, the host has 24 hours to pay for their seat. This will be considered your deposit and will be reimbursed on the date of the party provided the minimum number of guests attend. Should there be fewer than the minimum guests (six, seven including the host) the deposit will be retained. Please note that your parties date will not be considered booked until the deposit has been paid.

Guests may pay for their seat via the party date on the calendar at anytime after the party has been confirmed. We prefer all party guest to be registered and paid before the party date. However special arrangements may be made to pay on the date of the party on a case by case basis. 

Besides step by step instruction by an experienced artist, we also provide everything needed create the featured painting:
Canvas, easel, paint, brushes, napkins, paper plates (for the palette), jars for water, aprons, and any other tools needed to reproduce the particular painting. On request, we can also provide table coverings (disposable table cloths) a drop cloth for the floor and wireless speakers to stream music,

Upon booking the party the host agrees to provide, table space and seating for all guests as well as access to a sink and water to rinse jars/replenish paint water. Also, all food and beverages are supplied by the host.

Disclaimer: The painting space should ideally be over non-carpeted flooring. Acrylic paint can be cleaned fairly easily from smooth, sealed surfaces such as tile, linoleum, or laminate flooring but the paint is extremely hard to clean from carpets and some colors can permanently stain fabric/carpets. Upon booking the party, the host agrees to take full responsibility for any accidental paint spills that may damage the floor (whether it's carpet or not.)
We fully encourage using protective covering such as a drop cloth in your space, just in case of paint spills and we can bring one on request. 

>If you cancel a party prior to two weeks before the party date, your deposit (and any paid seats) will be reimbursed. 

>Cancelling a party later than two weeks before the party date will result in the forfeiture of your initial deposit.

Email or message us if you have a specialty party you would like to book. Such as an event that will be paid for by one person or business. 
We can adapt the party booking guidelines if a non-traditional payment option is needed.

Also, please ask about different canvas sizes if you are interested in other price points/options. Special canvas sizes can be ordered if we are given enough notice. 
Example: 11X14 size canvases are a great option for children's parties or for parties that have a shorter time frame to work with. Another option would be painting larger size canvases, such as 18X24. There will be additional costs for large size canvases, however the minimum party guest quota may be waived.