The Merlot Canvas

How big are the canvases?
Unless otherwise noted, our canvases are 16x20 inches.

What kind of paint is used?
Unless otherwise noted, we use acrylic paint to create our paintings.

How many guests are needed to book a party?
6 Guests (not including the host) are required to book a private party.

What is the maximum number of painters that can be accommodated?
35 is the recommended maximum class size, but larger groups may be accommodated in certain circumstances. Contact us for more information.

How long does it take to reproduce a painting?
On average, our paintings are completed in about 2 hours. Some parties can run shorter or longer depending on the painting selected, the number of painters, or the flow of the specific party.

Can I request a custom painting?
Yes, we can create an original painting for your party provided we are given at least two weeks notice. Custom paintings are always $45.

Do you provide alcohol or food?
No, but one of the great things about booking a private party with The Merlot Canvas, is that you get to provide your own beverages and food customized to your event, and it's cheaper that way!
Furthermore, our local open events take place at businesses where food and drink are available for purchase.