Fundraising Events

Paint & Sip parties are excellent for fundraising!
The Merlot Canvas has supplies to accommodate up to 35 painters for your event.
To book a Fundraising Event you must expect to host a minimum of 20 guests.

What we provide:
1) Everything needed to reproduce the featured painting including step-by-step instruction by a qualified artist.
2) One Merlot Canvas gift certificate for two seats ($77 value) to be used at a future Merlot Canvas Paint & Sip event to be raffled off in order to raise additional funds.

What you provide:
1) The location (venue) in which to host the event
2) Tables and seating for all painters (this is necessary for painting, as the easels are tabletop easels)
3) Table coverings if desired/needed
4) Food and beverages, if desired.

Standard procedure:
Each participant pays $45 (plus tax) for their seat.
The fund receives $25 per seat and The Merlot Canvas retains $20 per seat to cover supplies etc)
If we sell all 35 seats the fund can raise $875.00 (35 X $25 = $875)
plus any additional funds from the raffle of the gift certificate.

(It is recommended that the fund obtain a few items in addition to the gift certificate to raffle during the event to raise additional funds as these fundraisers pair very well together.)

(Some fundraisers have opted to charge only $35 (plus tax) per seat as opposed to $45, which can be done. However, The Merlot Canvas will still need to retain $20 per seat to cover supplies.) If $35 is charged the fund could potentially raise up to $525.00 from the Paint & Sip)

There are two options for selling seats:
Option one:
The fund purchases all 35 (or however many seats they wish to host) at $20 (plus tax) per seat in advance of the event and then collects the $45 payment from the attendees themselves (either in advance or at the door.)

Option two:
The attendees pay for their seats, $45 (plus tax) per seat through The Merlot Canvas website in advance of the event and then The Merlot Canvas presents the fund with a check with their portion of the proceeds. (3-5 business days  after the event) 

Please let us know if you have any other questions! 

The Merlot Canvas